About Us

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The vision of S.A.G.E. Wellness Center was born in 2007 when Emily and Joseph Celis,

co-founders, began their partnership in life.  Creating a thriving community and trusting environment for individuals to seek their best selves is ever-presently their goal.  Each member of this community matters and they look forward to personally knowing each of you and supporting you on your journey in life.

Holistic wellbeing is not only our personal goal but also our company's mission. We are here to be of service and as a resource to help you achieve and maintain balance in physical, mental and spiritual health. You will find more information about the services we offer throughout our website.  We hope you will find what you seek as we help you create space in your life for balance and peace. 

We believe that each person has a unique journey to his or her own place of happiness and wellbeing. We want to help you cultivate your innermost desires, search for happiness and hope that you will join our like-minded community.  As with any community, hearing the voices of fellow members is key - please feel free to message us anytime with ideas or suggestions you may have to provide more benefit for you or other members of this community.

Emily & Joseph reside in Orange, CA with their two sons.  They love the outdoors and finding adventure everyday in life.